. and him, " she said pointing to three prisoners. "Have the rest dig graves. Then make sure that you use plenty of lime this time, Domingo. I don't w...nt any mistakes."A soldier hustled the three men the Commandante had selected to one of the trucks. One of the prisoners, his eyes wide with fear, was nearly hysterical as he was pushed into the bed of the truck."Wha... Where are we going?"The guard silenced him with a slap."Shut up. One of you lucky boys will get to fuck Commandante Ivana." The. However, Wendy abruptly stopped her sensual fingering and walked aroundthe bed near to my head. "Not yet, sweet Clair. Too soon." She slowlypulled off her panties, keeping her breast forms and bra. "Me first,Clair." Her cock was suddenly in front of my face. "This is real aswell, you're facing your future Clair. Lick it. From the base to thetip. Smell it, lick it, get to know it."I stuck my tongue out, keeping my ass in the air, and licked her long,leaking cock. It tasted of cum, sweaty skin. When I got back to John’s he was watching the television when I looked over and saw a girl having sex with a guy. I was just looking wishing I was her. After looking closer I saw that the girl was actually a guy dressed in female clothes. I got hard instantly and I guess John noticed because he asked me if I liked that. All I could do was nod my head, and he said that he thought I had a girl’s body. He asked me if I had ever dressed up in girl’s clothes and again I didn’t say anything. . Very decent of you, Martin.”“So that took me two hours, all told. And then I found a guy who was near death by the side of the road. His friend was walking him to hospital. WALKING! In this heat! They only had about fifty kilometres to go! So I drove him there, didn’t I? And then I had so little time left I fucking CHEATED. I mean, it’s probably very clever to find the coordinates, but it is still cheating!”“Martin, calm down. This is a lot to take in. Someone nearly died, you say?”“Yes! Some.

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