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For the next half hour, I watched and sweated as the lovers made up for not seeing each other these last two weeks. Chris fucked Jill to one climax another, only slowing down when he himself was getting close. But even Chris couldn’t hold off forever, and finally I could sense that he was getting close to coming himself. Jill was hanging onto him even more tightly, and I had a strange anticipation. As if in some strange way him finally cumming deep inside Jill was some kind of proxy for. "Dad," Rachelle said again. "How familiar are you with internet piracy and illegal file transfers?"Mike considered the question before he answered."I understand that it is a revenue hole but I can't say how deep of one," he said. "It doesn't affect my businesses so I have no research or personal knowledge to fall back on."Rachelle nodded and Allie popped another report on the screen."According to the Motion Picture Society of America, illegal downloading and piracy cost them almost $18 billion. "It was ... well, I loved every moment of it." Tell me," Janet asked hesitated before continuing her question, "what part did you like the best?"It was all good but if I had to pick one thing I would have to say letting Daddy fuck me and you licking me afterwards." I liked that too." Do you think Grandpa will want to fuck me too?" Ali asked looking at her mother.Janet nodded her head. "Oh Ali, I would love to watch him put his hard dick inside you."Janet would never have talked like this with. If that sounds strange and convoluted, that happens when talking about yourself in terms of past lives. I've already made arrangements to pass the collection and a portfolio of real estate, stocks and bonds to whoever I become in my next life." How can you do that?" Upon my death, the museum and portfolio will go into a trust managed by a very old and trusted English firm. The trust can be claimed by anyone as long as the claimant knows certain facts and codes. I've noticed that I'm reborn.

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