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'Why is it always teenage boys?'~Kitty!~ she sent out to one of the three mutants who had accompanied her. ~Another boy. Your age. You've got dibs, I ...eleive?~The girl she was calling too jumped up. This girl, barely eighteen, had shoulder-length brown hair, a small scattering of freckles, and brown eyes. "Yep!" she called. "I'll go get em!"Without another word, Kitty ran out through the wall of the X-Jet, straight towards the park bench the new mutant was sitting on. It was a mark of how. A voice said, “Welcome back, Marsha. You took a little three day nap.” Tim, Jake and Tim, Jr. were there. I could see them out of my uncovered eye. That’s when it hit me. My stomach ... OMG! I felt my stomach. My stomach. I’m not pregnant anymore. My tummy is not there. OMG, I yelled, MY BABY! Tim took my hand. He said, “I’m sorry, Marsha. Your baby didn’t make it. The impact was too much. They did everything they could to save her.” He said, “HER”: I was going to have a baby girl. I wanted to. We explained that the pool wasactually on our land and despite there being public rights of waythrough the woods, none of them passed within sight of the pool. To getto the pool without permission from our families, an intruder would haveto have committed trespass. Furthermore since the advent of the newerhousing estates around the village, Earl Weston had been forced to erectsecure fences to keep urban idiots out of the private parts of the woodsand to protect its precious antiquity. The. I will be there for her when the time comes that he dumps on her, he is a sleazy piece of work and has been cheating on her for most of there relationship. I drag myself out of the pool and you stand to collect your things together. I dry myself off and walk you to your car. You come closer to me and put your arms around my neck and give me your traditional kiss on the cheek goodbye and hug me close to you and say ‘Love you sweets’ and then you are on your way . I stand at the curb watching you.

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