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“I waited but got a bored and decided to take a look around for myself.”Ashe shifts enough to hide her hardening cock. The sight of the young Grel... from the front is even better than the back and causes her cock to stir just a little more. She puts a smile on and says, “I was your age once, but we’re both just lucky your father didn’t find out.”“Daddy can be a little overbearing,” she complains. It comes out almost like a groan, but she smiles as she continues. “He is slow to come around how my. She must be a natural because all this is new to her and she already sucks a cock better than her mom who can only take in three inches. Meadow can't go all the way down yet but she is getting there. Another inch and she's a deep throatier. She was reluctant to swallow then one day she said:"Daddy cum in my mouth ..... I'm ready to try swallowing..." and she did!The last time after we fucked and I shot my love juice, she sucked me until I got hard and was about to cum again then gave me a hand. I move up next to you as I think that you might need a rest after that but you look me in the eye and tell me with the dirtiest of looks on your face, "You're dead." To my amazement, you pounce on me, licking the remains of your juices from my lips and tongue. You sit me up against the headboard and straddle me so that I have your tits right in my face. You slide my hands round on to your sweet ass as I slide into your wet pussy at the first attempt. You grind down slowly while kissing me. Two sisters were married and one was 2 yrs elder to me… This story is about how I fucked my unmarried sister. Her name is priya(name changed)This incident happened during our Sankranthi festival.. . It’s a big festival in Hyderabad….. As we were flying kites and celebrating on our terrace.. In the afternoon priya came to the terrace and she saw me flying kite so high she asked me for it but I said you can’t fly these are not girls things to do, she was slight taller to me, she made a sad face.

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