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We finished our food and thought we should play something. It was big garden and there was enough space. Nina went in and brought two pairs of rackets... I and Alia were good players so decided it would be really unfair if we both were in the same team so we decided to split. So it was me and Nina in one team and Carl and Alia in the other. It was wonder to see Alias’s breasts bouncing every time she hit the shuttle and Nina had such and beautiful ass, it took me a lot of control to keep myself. Carol had taken her shoes off and was wading along as we held hands talking.Other than saying how she liked mornings, or saying how cold the water was she was asking me about Joe. She finally turned and held me “so you and Joe shared a girlfriend before”. When I said yes she kissed me,”so you are okay sharing Carol then huh”. We stood there alone on the beach holding each other tight kissing passionatly as the waves splashed on our feet.My thoughts were not on what Carol might be doing for. She looked at Thomas with panic in her eyes."I think you had better answer it. John will wonder where we are if you don't."Amy reached over and picked up the telephone, her hand almost too weak to bring it to her ear. She tried to sound normal but it was difficult to disguise her shaking voice. "Hello." Hi sweetie," John said, his voice almost shaking as well."Uh... hi John," Amy stammered, looking at Thomas so close to her face."So did you have fun tonight?" he asked."Uh... yeah, it was.... Mai phir vahi rook gya bhabhi ke sath kafi bat kern eke bad meri nazar eak dum unke chucho pe gyi.. (are mai bhai bhi ke bare mai to batana bool hi gya bhabhi ka naam Preet hai or unka figer 36-28-34 hai or vo 27 saal ki hai ) aacha to mai kaha tha ki unse kafi time bat kern eke bad meri sidhi nazar unke chucho pe gyi jo ki kafi barde or mast the bhabhi ne muje dekha or kha ki kya dekh rahai ho janab mene kaha kuch nahi bhabhi bus galti se nigha uder chali gyi.. Phir bhabhi hasne lagi or bolne.

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