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Above all I had a black khilliji abbaya that covered my whole body upto feet and a hijab/nikabi which covers all my head and had gloves on to cover my...hands too. My aunt was talking to the female sales lady about garments. I was standing in the back, suddenly I felt something touched my back. I was shocked so much as it never happened to me before. My heart started beating fast and faster. I became freezed like ice in that place. Again I felt the hand touched a little closer. I looked back and. I grabbed her from behind and hugged from back.She pushed me away.I felt sad.She said her mom is at home. She said come at evening at 5 her mom will leave.I went back to my home and masturbated happily and took my lunch.I was waiting for 5pm. It was like 5 days for me,I was so happy because I was going to fuck my dream bitch.I took a nice shower and went to my sweet aunty’s home.I was standing at her door sharply at 5 I knocked the door.My busty aunty opened the door she was same in her black. I’m not sure, but that’s what Doctor Rosen said might be the cause,” he said. “Like you were saying, we’d done it so often that I just couldn’t believe that I hadn’t gotten you pregnant. I knew it wasn’t you; you’d already had the girls. So why? So, I had myself checked. I’m sterile as hell.”“Wow!” she said. “Okay, so we’re both sort of outing ourselves today. That leaves the question about how do we handle this, situation.”“You’re not angry with me?” he said. She smiled.“No, I’m not angry.. Whenever my family left me alone, I used to eat and stay with her family. My parents left on a Friday evening before I came from my shift.As I came home there was no one at the home. Hearing my door’s noise, there came the heroine of the story in a blue cotton saree. By the way, I forgot to say that she usually wears saree and shows her assets clearly. She came and asked me to get fresh and come down to have dinner.I nodded my head and went to her house after 20 minutes. The time was around.

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