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He went on to tell me that the jobwas indeed mine if I wanted it. He also told me not to worry about thecost. We'd work that out later. I wasn't sure ...hat he meant by that, but I was so anxious to get thatcontract that I'd have considered doing it for free. I wasn't sure why ithad become so important to me. My best guess would have been the pridethat I'd feel each time I walked past that building knowing that I'dplayed a major part in its renovation. Mr. Hospin told me to keep thekey, to come. "Sure thing, just leave room for your chocolate dessert" she said with a big grin. Oh boy its fucking on I thought. I hung out for the night not doing much except crushing beers and shaking for shots. It was pretty dead, around one o'clock in the morning when Erika said "last call mother fuckers" and flipped on the lights inside the bar. Erika slid a beer down to me and the 2 people left in the bar finished up and left. With just Erika and I left, she turned off the lights, closed the blinds,. A smile crawled on to her lips while her cheeks were getting red with the blush.From that day, we got slightly more romantic in our conversations and calls which gradually lead to the other topics to peep in such as likes, dislikes, fantasies, sexual urges and all.Slowly, phone sex became a daily routine and occasional video chats became a ritual. PDA on dates became common stuff, our hangouts grew, gifts were exchanged.Everything looked wonderful but the sexual intercourse was yet to be done.. "They are my friends, Missy" I replied evenly."I know, John," she sighed, turning away "I'm just not sure that they're mine, not Betty Lou, anyway."I spun her back around so that we were facing each other. "Did Betty Lou do something, honey? Do you have a problem with her?" No, John, I don't have a problem with her. I think Betty Lou has a problem with me, though. She's been making snide remarks to my back for the last couple of weeks. Gail and Jackie mentioned it the other day. And Debby Durr.

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