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Btw thanks for the discount, not really necessary cos I wasn't paying, but it's useful for when I visit and I'm not using work's money.That's OK, my l...ttle way to thank you for being such a nice guy. Gotta go. Byeee xxxxTwo minutes later my phone pinged, a new photo message of a pair of boobs I recognised, that's two nice reminders I've got to keep me going.The next week was straight back to mundane work, customer calls, meetings, sales presentations. I needed to work hard to boost our region's. The tip of the knife almost grazed her chin, but she remained still, although very wide eyed, while I grabbed the edged of the torn material and ripped out and down, tearing the gown in two and letting it fall to the floor. Using her own long, thin stiletto Galinda slit the laces of the shivering witch’s corset and I grabbed it at the cleavage and flung it aside. She stood there, white and naked except for her black stockings and high heels, her dark hair showing nicely against her marble. She was also wearing pinktrainers. "It's time for Pilates and you said you would come."I sat up, realised I was still dressed as a rock chick, said, "Oh that'sa relief!" as I looked down at myself because I wasn't wearing a burqaand bikini and at least looked almost conservatively dressed bycomparison."What? You're relieved to be dressed as a woman? I was going to offeryou the chance to go to Pilates in your Male clothes but as you soundlike you prefer to be dressed as a woman here's a pair. Your stupid TG fanatics. That's why I decided to post thishere, because you know what's happening to me and you want to delightand jerk off to me becoming some little ditz of a girl. But no, that'snot how Franklin Wayland Munson III is going out. I'll fight this offand you can all see it.Let's see, the witch said I'd start changing about 7. That was an hourago and I haven't noticed any changes. I'd say I'm doing pretty good.I'm not going to be another one of your victims. Dammit, dammit,dammit..

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