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I went to bed and the next morning met Asha for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. She looked radiant that morning. She wore a cream colored suit with...a tight white knit top underneath. I noticed she wore stockings or pantyhose and high heeled pumps to match her outfit. Her jacket was buttoned tight across her chest and the buttons strained against the swell of her ample breasts. When i first met her in the lobby I saw that her skirt was short and tight on her thighs and buttocks. whit her hair. "This will be your private changing room for today," she said whilehanding me a key. "The door is always locked from this side. Make sure youhave the key with you when you leave. After you're finished changing, I'llmeet you outside that door."She pointed at a door at the far end of the wall."Thank you," I told her."No prob," she said with a smile before turning and heading for the doorshe had mentioned.I took a deep breath and turned toward the door in front of me. I insertedthe key into the. I put my lund between her boobs and did boob fucking.After some time she put my lund in her mouth & gave me again good blow job. I was already very excited & soon ejaculated loads of cum on her face.her face was all covered with my cum.she then sucked me dry.we went to bathroom to wash ourselves.After cleaning ourselves i sat in her bedroom and she went to get something to eat.she came back with some snacks and started chatting.she asked me if i could stay with her tonight.she was suchA sexy. She turned and went into the bathroom and spent the next five minutes shaving her vagina. She kept it nicely trimmed but had never even considered shaving it all off.She sat in one of the stalls and shaved it off as fast as possible. She was afraid of someone coming in and seeing her doing this sick thing. She wasn’t sure if it was all the hands on attention or the perverted things she was asked to do but her pussy was getting damp from the inside as she continued.“Hurry up!” the woman yelled.

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