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"Ali kept tongue fucking her. Chachi's hips moved up and down in fuck motion. Suddenly her body stiffened."ALI, DEEPER Y... HES OHHH Y... HESSS FASTER...OH OHHH I AMMM CUMMMIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG," chachi screamed releasing a stream of warm love juices in Ali's mouth.Ali lapped up chachi's cum, smacked his lips and latched on to her choot again. He continued to lick and chachi came again and again."Come on top of me, my sweet little cunt licker," chachi said pulling Ali up on top of her, "Now fuck. I opened my eyes upon the realisation of my mother calling me. I must have dozed off into a small sleep. "Yeah?" I called."Honey, I'm desperate to go to the loo. Will you be long?" I may be, yeah. I've only been in for ten minutes." I called back."Do you mind if I just go now?"I paused for a second, covering my firm twenty year old breasts with handfuls of bubble-bath. "Yeah, come on in." I called.My mother burst into the bathroom, closing the door quickly behind her. The bath was located in. Donald comes around and opens Emma’s door and directs her to lie on the back seat, her calves and feet hanging out the door. Now Emma is wondering, but she feels herself dripping hard as she realizes what is about to happen. Donald opens his pants and pulls out his hard cock and balls to let them swing free. He lifts under Emma’s dress and pulls her panties down off her and throws them into the front seat.Emma is so ready for him. This morning in their hurry to get on the road, they had not. .No sex.No kinky cumshots.No one I know personallyOnly hand job and maybe a blowjobShe agreed and said she loved me. Couple nights later we were sitting on my couch and she said a guy named Daulton was coming over and if that was ok, I said yes and asked if we were going to do it, she said yes. Daulton came over and we all just chilled for a little and smoked weed. We were watching tv on the couch, her in the middle of us, when she leaned over and kissed me and rubbed my dick. She then reached.

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