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Ufffffff…I cannot explain here the sudden feel of excitement and dirty lust inside me watching myself bathing in their warm piss out in the open.The...driver was trying to piss on my face and make me taste..I didnt mind and wanted it all and make it as dirty as possible and opened my mouth and started taking his warm piss in my mouth and gulping down as much as possible. Once they finished emptying their tank I was left all nasty and smelly with their piss all over myself..I felt a different self. She yelled at him as if he were a not adept enough to remember I was still in the house. Earlier she spoke to him in a way that made me think he didn't have the brains to work in finance but here they were in a nice house with one income so I knew he wasn't daft. "I'm sorry about that Mitch," she started, putting her hand back on my forearm, "he needs more direction than I think do most husbands. We've been together for ten years and I still don't have him trained properly." The edges of. She was funny and kind of cute and engaging. "It's a Blue Lagoon. But they're pretty potent." Oh, one cocktail and I'm anybody's." She ended each sentence with a burst of giggles. "TWO and I'm EVERYBODY'S." Then turning towards the bartender she said. "Hey bartender, get me two of these."Giggle, giggle, giggle. I was surprised to find myself laughing along with her. She reminded me of Emma when she was in a crazy mood but there was an underlying craziness about Gracie that was much crazier than. Sliding slowly in & out of me, each time pushing a little deeper, until much to my amazement I had swallowed all 8 inches.It wasn’t long before the dildo was removed from me and John pulled out from me, and I am told to get on all fours. Some more poppers, and John’s fucking my face again, as Tim’s cock is slowly working its way in =m tight hole. Here I was in heaven, being fucked by these two hunks at both ends, being pushed forward by Tim’s cock onto John’s, before being pushed back by his.

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