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She started moaning. After few minutes of suck, she told me that she can’t wait any longer and let’s drive to our honeymoon suit.She zipped her back and we drive to the farm house. I called the guard on his cell and he opened the gates. The guard house was outside the boundary of the farm house. As we went in he made us familiar with pool, bath tub, bedroom, and all. The farm house has a ten feet boundary wall so no one can see inside. Reema had already told me that anu come here with her. Main is tarah leta tha woh kya sochega.” Main boli ki, “Woh kon sa hame janta hai? Aur mujhe bhi aisa mauka roj kaha milta hai.”Woh hasane lage aur bole, “Tum to bohut chhupi rustam ho.” Main bhi has di boli, “Abhi aage dekhiye abhi to bohut kuch karna hai.” Woh bole ki jo karna ho kar lena woh meri puri madad karenge.Baat karte karte kafi samay beet gaya ghadi dekhi to 8 baj chuke the. Maine uncle se kaha ki chaliye jaldi se ready ho jaiye meeting ko late ho jayega. Tab woh bole ki kon si. I wanted MD there so much, I wanted to hear her laugh, to mock me. I reached for my phone and took 2 pictures of my hand full of cock, I wanted to make her proud. I heard moans from the other side as I stroked. Suck it. I heard, I was terrified and said nothing. Suck it, I want your mouth. I stroked faster. SUCK IT. I spat on his cock, lubing it up and I continued to stroke. That's it, dirty cunt. He said. I wanted to ask him for more but I couldn't speak. Let me in your booth, come on. I. And worse, she didnt even know I was doing it! Gawd it was unbelievable. My mind could only hold that image of her nearly naked body sprawled out on the sofa. Was there anything I should do to stop this? Did I want to? No way. However bad it was of me to be doing it, I was helpless to resist. It was just too thrilling. At 12 years old I now knew what lust was and I loved it. My cock rose into its sensing mode again. All I could think of was Moms wonderful body. How long could this go on?.

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