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" My wife said softly as she held my hand.The only good thing about her being pregnant was that I at least got to put it in without those clumsy In fact, come to think of it, those are the only times I've gotten her raw and wet is after other men have got her knocked up. Well, anyway, back to my story.Throughout our marriage, after each time she got pregnant, she’d tell me almost the same story. However, the theme boiled down to me being in a head to head competition with her. The lights were dim, so the main light came from the TV. The video was straight porn with the sound turned down low. He started to undress, and I followed his lead, stripping off my street clothes down to the black lingerie beneath. As I bent over to pull my jeans off and revealed my black-pantied ass, he whistled his appreciation and I smiled at him.By the time I had stripped, he was naked, and my eyes went straight to his crotch. He was hairy there too, but a nice half-hard cock was making. ”“Go ahead then,” he says, hoping that she isn’t going to call his bluff. “And there’s the fucking door. Show yourself out.”Debbie stares at him, speechless for a moment. She knows that he is bluffing. If she breaks the trophy then she can forget having their relationship. If she doesn’t then she loses ground and he wins. “I’m not leaving,” she finally says.“I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but you don’t have the right to come into my office like a raging storm,” he growls.“I have every. George wore her marks as an announcement, a display of his worst character; but though the girls hadn’t forgotten their mother’s wails, his points scored on her however stayed secret, her warmed-over tushie and torn hole a matter between only them. Maggie knew no such guilt; she would not be ashamed of what she let George do to her – it’s private, but not shameful. “It’s not always about you, daddy” the middle one, Eleanor, added. “C`mon daddy, do us” to the left of her, Gretchen,.

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