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I kneel before her and as I move close I smell her pussy. Before I get chance to lick her clit she rests her hands on my head and forces me on to her ...ussy’s mound. Eagerly I slip my tongue over her clit causing her to thrust her pussy against me as she starts purring softly. Miriam’s hands starts rhythmically pushing my face over her pussy as she builds towards her orgasm. I can feel that she is close now, so teasingly I stand and we kiss. Breaking from the kiss I turn her around and holding. If you’re not into that kind of thing, it might be best to give it a bit of a swerve and look elsewhere for a story more to your tastes. ********** Preface My first story, Lue to Lucy and Back, was submitted as a five-part series in 2015. It was followed by One Wounded Seagull. They attracted some interesting comments, which led to the original five-part series being edited and re-submitted as a single story. They are both now archived as Loving Wives stories. Lue to Lucy and Back chronicles. We held that position until I finished, then we headed back out to the front room."I think I'll move the equipment out of my workout room into the den," I said. "That will free up a room for you to sleep in. You can have the bathroom at the end of the hall. I hardly ever use it, so it should be pretty clean. If you'll do me a favor and help me move my equipment, we'll get your room all ready for you. There are some coat hangers in the closet, but no dresser yet. That will be one of the things. She was moaning like anything. Then I asked her to lock my head between her thighs. She said, “Pattu I don’t want to hurt you. If I orgasmed you will get chutney (pulp) under my thighs.” I begged her then locked me between those thighs. Then she locked me. My whole head was covered between her thighs.She asked me to suck her pussy again. As I was sucking her pussy She was shouting. Then I lifted her massive buttocks and dropped on bed vigorously. I had become a complete slave. I had to breathe.

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