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You rinse my hair again and help me step out the bath sparkling clean an smelling quite fragrant, soft scents of vanilla and rose with a slight under of citrus and lavender …(no wonder I am so relaxed). Again I am led back to the big bedroom and You have me sit on my knees as You phone the spa of the hotel and ask them for a hair dresser and someone to remove all traces of body hair from me. When they arrive every thing is a blur… my hair get styled and I get waxed in places where I had no. Hurting her a little bit, but also turning her on. ‘Tell me.’ He ordered. Adrenaline burst through her body, his dominant tone of voice made her wet, made her eager to obey him, yet she couldn’t, it was wrong. She shook her head again. ‘Come on.’ He said. ‘I drove you all the way to your art show, I’ve helped you install all those paintings, I did something nice for you, now you can do something nice for me, little niece.’ His fingers crawling up her thigh and toying around with the seem. She was really looking "down," something totally different from her usual happy, vibrant demeanor.I walked near her and looked into her mind—it was in a boiling, jumbled mess! I didn't, at that time, have much luck in looking into a person's mind because I didn't know how to organize my search. I could read thoughts, if the person was mentally verbalizing those thoughts, but I couldn't yet read anything any deeper. I kept probing, but I couldn't come up with an explanation for Miss Archer's. Her lips and mouth was so hot and felt oh so soft as I felt her slide them down my cock and than back to the tip. Every so often she would stop with me buried deep in her mouth and massaged the underside of my dick with her tongue. It wasn't long before I felt my balls begin to boil and warned her I was going to cum soon. Her response was to pick up the pace and the pressure. Warned her I was cumming and could not hold back but she kept clamped on my cock until I shot my load into her mouth..

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