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” She introduced herself.“Tegan.” Tegan replied.“Nice to meet you, Tegan.” Olivia said coolly. “You new to the gym?”“Yeah.”“Though... so. I don’t remember seeing you here before, and I think I would.”“Look, Olivia… I hope this isn’t a weird question, but are you hitting on me?”“Would that be a problem?”“I’m flattered. But I’m going to be level, some people don’t take kindly to being approached in a gym locker room when they’re naked and vulnerable.”“True, but not every girl has eyes like yours.”. She could feel the hot liquid running down her throat and could smell the stench as he continued to urinated. After he'd finished Fergus whipped the pipe out of her mouth. She coughed and gagged but didnt throw up. After catching her breath she started to look nauseous - I had a bucket on standby in case it was needed and placed it in front of her. Fergus got behind her and pushed back her ass cheeks and removed the needle - I had forgotten all about the needle, surely it was there causing her. I looked at my watch. It was 10:00. I guessed they wanted to close.I went to the front and left a twenty on the counter for the food and the tip.I walked to the door, she accompanied me. She has the keys to lock up. I went out the door, she did too. “I could use some company tonight after all and I definitely need some excitement. I don’t want to be seen leaving with you though.”“Where is your car?” I ask.“Behind the restaurant.”“How about I drive to Wal*mart. I’ll park in the lot and wait for. Weird though that when he needed a good deed to do, one popped up . Weirder still he’d never heard of an All Night Blood Bank. As he opened the door he suddenly felt really relaxed almost like the feeling you get when you walk in to the house you grew up in.Ding ,Ding . He rang the bell on the counter . “Yes, can I help you?”He turned to see a beautiful woman standing behind him , she must have appeared out of no where. He didn’t question her , he was too lost in her beauty . Her hair was a.

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