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Her tongue wrapped around my cock and she began to lick up and down my entire length much to my pleasure! I began to pinch her nipples and she at fir...t moaned and then began to suck me into her mouth with an intensity I had never seen from her. She was turning into a sex machine - her mouth was so tightly wrapped around me and she tried to take me all in but, was not able to deep throat - not that 6 inches is that much but, it filled her mouth completely and she had a little to spare. I was. I was breathless and she rushed up to kiss me hard.We began to kiss as she lay on top of my naked body. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to just get her on her back and make love to her but I knew that was wrong. This whole thing was wrong but damnit I wanted her!She trailed kisses down my neck and chest. Her little body felt so good on top of me. Tara then suddenly got off me."I better go now. We have to get ready for church," she said as she began to leave the room."Y-yeah OK," I. He then removed his shorts and told me I could play with his dick. i grabbed his 6 inch cock with one hand and his balls with the other and stroked him. meanwhile he was playing with my tits I was getting real wet again and began to suck him. I remember feeling his fat fingers go into my pussy as i sucked him. the more he fingered me the harder i sucked. in a few minutes he blew his load in my mouth.It was so much cum it spilled out of my mouth all over his dick. It felt like a dozen squirts. ” Josh grinned at her. “No matter how much you do it, though, it’s not going to be enough.” They were upstairs now, and outside the door to his room. “What do you mean?” Lilly asked suspiciously. “I mean the only thing that’s going to satisfy you is my sperm.” he said. Both girls stopped short, refusing to go into his room with him. “Wha-at?” Lacey asked, not believing her ears. “Joshua David Barrington!” Lilly said, chiding him. “What the hell did you give us?” “It’s a secret.” he said.

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