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." and there was another long pause before she launched onbreathlessly, "I'm not sure how to say this, but Bobby and I are havingan affair - of sorts.... You're what!?" Caroline flubbered. "With your own son?!" Uh huh. With my own son. I know - it's wrong, it's even i*****l.It's perverted, it's dirty, it's lecherous, it's filthy, it's nastyand lewd and I just love it. I can't help myself." Holy shit, Norma! How did this all happen. And what do you mean by `anaffair of sorts'?" Well, I haven't. I told her " Bite the bullet girl, you do as I say not as you want". Then I told her she could stay if she wanted but we would be through.Fay begged me to not even think of that, she was mine, and she only wanted to please me for the rest of her life.Before we left I dropped by to see the people I had worked for in Birmingham. The owner of the company asked me to lunch again.We talked on and on and I let it slip that I had caused my present employing company to make better than double the. Krystal wants to see you after school.” She says with a smile. He took the slip and took his seat.Finally, schools out. As he's was walking to her classroom he glanced down at the slip which read : Mandatory…In red ink. What would she want with me? He thought. She had never called him down to her room before.He slowly walked into her room, her door was cracked a bit. “Umm…” He says clearing his throat. Her head jerked up from grading a paper and she glared at me. He gulped big, “This slip says. With Fluff’s prompting, she put her dildo on and thrust it deep inside Fluff’s cunt who arched back, slightly whining with pleasure as Susan thrust again and again, the images of Charlotte’s male lovers flashing joyfully across her mind as her buttocks trembled and shimmered. She smiled deliriously at Amna who was watching naked with her enormous breasts and the full aureate glow of her sizeable artificially firm nipples. She grinned and Amna grinned back, but quite clearly with rather less.

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