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7 inch ka mera lund bhi bahhar aane ko tadap raha tha. Unhone jaldi se meri jeans utari or underwear k andar hath dalkar lund upar neehe kiya. Maine sona aunty maine aabhi tak nahi kiya hai app sikhana mujhe sirf mutth he mari hai. Wo boli tu dhekhta ja. Hum dono nange ho gaye or wo apne ghutno par bhaitkar mera lund apne muh me lekar chusne lagi. Main pagal sa ho gya tha kyuki ye sab maine sirf bluefils ka story me dhekha suna tha, thodi der baar wo uthi or apni choot thodde se baalo se. .. sometimes there was a bunch of us but on this occasion it was just her, me, a six pack of Czech lager, a bottle of Sambuca, a couple of bottles of cheap wine, the biggest bag of toffee popcorn you've ever seen in your life and Brad/Keanu/Patrick or Hugh doing their stuff on the dvd player. Not that we were really paying much attention to the tv ... mostly itwas Sambuca shots with beer chasers and lots and lots of giggling. But all good things must come to an end and even six packs of. Well...” Instead of finishing the sentence, she made a wanking motion with her fist.Lara raised her eyebrows and sighed. “Really, again?” she asked. “That’s almost embarrassing now.”Dalia looked at her surprised. “Does he do that often?” she wondered and leaned over to Lara with great interest.The slave nodded. “All the time. It’s actually my job...” She stopped and looked around, as if she thought someone was listening in on them. “It’s actually my job to take care of that,” she finally. I took off my extra jerkin and gave it to Lizbet. “Here, take this. I’ll be back at the village in about three hours and the walking will keep me warm.”“Thank you,” said Lizbet, putting on my jerkin over her nightwear but under her cloak.“What are you going to do now?” I asked.“I don’t know. Perhaps another pale-skinned tribe might take me. But I wouldn’t know where to start looking for them.”“Why don’t you come back to my village with me.”“Won’t the villagers kill me?”“We have a tradition.

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