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Lead the way," Carlos said to Cherry's chest. Cherry led him to racks in the back of the shop. She stopped at the rack with several styles and colors ...f garter belts. Her hands flipped through the hangers on the rack searching. Finally locating the one she was looking for, she held up a red garter belt. "What size do you think your wife wears?" Cherry asked. Carlos took a deep breath in, deciding to be truthful and said with a sheepish smile, "It would need to fit me." "This should fit you. The invasion had made timid rabbits out of even the most notoriously hardy creatures.At the exact center of the plain, the two pairs of archenemies met, eyeing each other with millennia's worth of mistrust and hatred. "Our King commands us to be here," the taller and bulkier of the Dwarves greeted them in his harsh, dry voice, making it quite plain he would rather be swinging the huge axe on his back at them than speaking peacefully. "We were ordered to inform your priests that the Meerzuar. That sort of world isn’t for the likes of you and me. Those money people would never welcome us in, except as slaves.” Fred the landlord struggled to balance glasses and bottles together. “Maybe you are right Fred, but I wouldn’t mind being her slave.” “You be careful of women like that boy, you might get burned.” The landlord shot him a waning look as he went in side. Of course Fred the landlord was right. He was a simple country boy, struggling with poverty, in a dead end job. He. The Club, of course! I remembered her now, she was dancing, not quite the centre of attention, but her presence was felt by those near to her, and even I was caught in its hypnotism. I’d dearly wished to join her, but owning a Club, and seeing to its evey minutiae, had kept me from exploring any further. My mind was brought back to the present as she stood over me, I could not help but see that she was wearing a black corset that stopped just under her small and freckled breasts. The Blonde.

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