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The group in the room howled with laughter. Aside from anything else, Cliff realized she had discharged the tension that had reached dangerous levels....He wound up to give her a big spank, but didn't touch her, stopping his hand a fraction of an inch from her pants."I'm sorry, Jane. I can't. Steve is bigger than I am and he might object. What did the people at Willoughby say?" That's the point, Cliff. They just said, 'How much?'. I tripled the price but told them our quality assurance would be. " he said."I don't know, I'd have to have someone look at the numbers," I said."Well it's not mine, but it is across the river from my place. I would really like to see someone clean it up, and keep the riff raff out of it. I think the bank owns it to be honest," he said."Tell me what you know and I'll take a look at it tomorrow," I promised. It was on the same side of the river that the motel was on. I decided that I would drive down and take a look after dinner. Dinner was from a paper bag in. ’ I wasn’t sure where this was going but I let him continue. ‘Can you recall everything about his cock? Do you have a mental picture of it?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Was it circumcised or not?’ ‘Not I think, yes, I’m sure that it wasn’t’ ‘Now remember back to the last time that we made love.’ ‘Yes.’ I had a smile on my face because it had been a very pleasant moment. ‘My cock, you got up close and personal with it as I recall, is it circumcised?’ ‘Yes, yes it is!’ He had a smile on his face as if a weight had. She went to some meetings with a support group and after a month seemed like her old self. Well almost like her old self, she was a little more serious and seemed to have grown up a lot. To tell the truth I wasn’t the same old carefree man either. I guess our ordeal had made both of us grow up a little. About six months after losing the baby, Lexi and I went out for a night on the town on a Saturday. I took her to a good steak house, then to a little jazz club, and we finished the ‘date’ at a.

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