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"Nope."He's still out. Rebecca isn't crazy about the evening shift here, so she made me and daddy swear we wouldn't leave Brian alone. Daddy gave her ...ne of his looks and she laughed at him! Truly. Someone laughed at daddy and didn't get killed. It's amazing. Of course he loves Rebecca almost as much as he does me, so she can get away with things no one else can."Huh? No. Brian hasn't been conscious since the accident and doesn't know about Beth. Daddy is afraid it's going to kill him. He hated. Denise blushed and then stammered, "I've got to get to work." Bye, bye," Claire said knowing that Denise was going to have a long day as thoughts about the next day filled her mind.Denise headed down to the basement to get dressed for work. She was exceptionally horny. The dreams at night had gotten even more explicit. She woke with soaked sheets every morning. Despite masturbating two and three times a day, she was not finding the relief that she sought. The explosive orgasms of that afternoon. With my powers, the jeans tore like paper. Now his jeans were ass less and groin less.I then tore away both their boxers freeing both their cocks. I got on my knees and started licking across both their shaven asses, licking their fruity balls. Both of them loved it. My tongue was 6 inches long.I explored every corner of their privates, even sandwiched my tongue between their rubbing cocks, giving them a juicy massage. They were more aroused than scared of my powers. I also began fingering. Just like the last time that we were together, Fran's hand went to my crotch and I explored every area of her body. Her beautiful soft breasts and wet cunt fueled the fire in my body. My massage of her breasts and sliding my hand in her thong had Fran starting to moan with unbridled passion. My fingers found their way to her clitoris and slit. She was so wet that my fingers easily entered her body. One, two, and then the third finger easily entered her womanhood. "Gawd, yes, be slow and.

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