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She said hello toeveryone at the table, but stopped when she saw Billy. Steffi wasshocked to see her best friend in a skirt.Steffi was very puzzled. ..."What is Billy doing?" she wondered. Maybe itis a stunt or a dare, she thought. Just the same, her mind quickly ranback to the time earlier this summer when she joked to Billy aboutwearing makeup. Billy almost seemed like he wanted to try it, but wasafraid to tell her. He would have gone through with it if she hadn'tbacked off. And he. .or ragarny laga……..zoor zoor sa……….uska sans lyna phir mushkil ho gaya or jab lyti bhi tu meri gand ki boo (smell) lyti……..or usny dobara ulti (vomit, puke) kar di…….meiny usko baloon sa pakr kar zabardasti sara chatwaya or apni gand ka undar tak zaban sa usko chatwaya…….wo ab bilkul aik kutiya lag rahi thi……….jaisy kutiya apni gand saaf karti hai…. farq sirf itna tha ka is kutiya na meri gand saaf ki thi.Tughy sharm nahi ati aik rakhel ki tara lun chosti hai, apni hi vomit mein khelti hai or. " He added quietly. Still leaning against counter Kiyone finally place a gentle hand on his shoulder."Now, you know I can't resist yanking your chain!" she affectionately squeezed his arm. "I hope you also know I mean no harm."Oh, It took him another moment or so, this was one of the things, he both loved and hated about her at the same time! Tenchi had often wondered, when along this journey he'd managed to acquire an older sister? Because that was how sometimes felt about the occasional 'pain. Who was in his apartment? When he walked over to the living room, he noticed his girlfriend Zuli. She’d gotten herself in his apartment and had waited for him since. “Hello Ian,” she spoke in sultry British accent. “Welcome home.” There she was… Zuli. She laid on his sofa as she welcomed him with her most warmest smile. The way her mahogany skin tone glowed from the outside light from the window. Best of all, she was naked, wearing only a white pair of crotchless panties that hooked to her.

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