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A lot of people had their faces partially hidden by their goggles or by other parts of their costumes. And there were a surprising number of people at...this shindig too - I didn't realize that this steampunk thing was so popular!I walked around for a bit, trying to pick Julie out of the crowd but having no luck at it. There were a lot of people at this party... some were dancing, others talking in groups and in couples. Some were up at the buffet table set up on one side of the room. So after a. Angela's body langauge told me she was very ready. The batting of her eyes when she looked at me and the little parting of her legs when she turned towards me on the couch indicated she wanted to fuck. We set out drinks down and I leaned over to her and grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her face towards mine. We began to french kiss. She was on my left and as I kissed her and bit her neck, my right hand was busy pinching her left nipple. Angela was making little moaning and cooing noises.. Usually,there's enough for me to rub onto my tits and coat my nipples. He hasto be ginger in licking them clean as they become quite sensitive onceI've climaxed. Yes, this is living the life indeed.As good as this life is, I'm not quite ready to set up a "house" of myown. I've seen the administrative headaches that Suzy goes throughkeeping her house up and running - us girls can be a real handful attimes! No, the household I'm in the process of setting up consists moreof a group house with. Angus grinned and shook his head. “Both of them are on the prowl for a mate and Little Angus is not prepared for that,” he said, his grin turning wicked. “Besides, I am told the redhead at Exposé is a Lost Silken Dark who is already gunning for him. And he apparently is not aware he feels the same. She is the only person who calls him Angus rather than Michael. The last thing the Kellys need is a furious Silken Dark on their hands. I will leave Pat with orders to oversee things here. He will.

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