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---Springwood Spa was one of those places that you passed by from adistance, knowing that you'd never get to go there no matter how hardyou worked. It...had both spa and ranch qualities, boasting over ten acresof land with beautiful green pastures. From the large, gold gilded gatesthat wrapped around its perimeter, one would be able to make out theshapes of cows and horses grazing. At least, from this distance.If you managed to get past the heavy security, you'd be able to marvelat the huge,. ”Liz sagged, and said, “OK.”Jocelyn and I left the house just as my mom was coming in from the back yard. I didn’t envy her. My dad loved us, and usually kept on an even keel. But an adult man having sex with his young teenage daughter was going to put him on tilt like the pinball machines at the bowling alley when you shook them too hard. Jocelyn was quiet until we got into the car.“What DID you say in Russian?” she asked.“I called him an ‘a-hole’. Mom has a REAL problem with swearing. And she. ” She lifted her head and kissed me on the cheek, “Daddy, would you kiss me?”I scanned her pretty schoolgirl face and replied “You should never have to ask that question, I’m always ready to kiss you sweetheart” then pecked her on the forehead.The next words came on a light breath across my cheek, “No, not there, really kiss me.” I pulled my head back and looked at my fifteen-year-old daughter, “What?”“Kiss me like you kiss mom” she said so softly I almost missed the words.“Kaitlyn ----”“Dad,. She would always smile at me when she saw me and would smile when i went up to counter with my purchase but she'd never ask who the tights were for. However after a couple of months of this routine one time while i was in and looking at the tights i noticed Jodie come over near me and she was wearing a pair of really sexy sheer black tights with the seams up the back of them! Then she started looking at the tights also and then i saw her take a packet of sheer black tights from the shelf then.

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