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He released me; I gasped for air; I face planted onto his cock. I came; I came hard!We continued. Every time I went down on him, I took him into my ...hroat. Every time, he would push my head down and push his hips up to me. Every time, he kept me there until I gagged. I loved it!About half way through the spin cycle, he wrapped his legs under my arms and around my back. He pushed his cock into my throat using his hands and hips. He leaned back against the wall. He bucked into my. He had come to the conclusion that he was going on an active search for a partner in the bounty hunting business. Now, he just had to decide where to search. He figured that Alamogordo was a good place to start, especially since he could visit Mae and Asa at his favorite saloon.Hank spent the night in a guest room, but Mary insisted that Bill spend the night with her in her bedroom. Even though the bedrooms were not adjacent, Hank had no trouble following the action in Mary's room by the moans. Then his tongue was in her and she stiffened in shock. He backed away slightly to plant a row of kisses on her thighs and she started to breathe again. Her mind seemed to have floated free and she thought could see them lying entwined, as if looking from a distance, far above the bed. Something snapped inside her head and conscious thought fled as his tongue slipped into her once more. Her fingers curled into his hair, unsure of whether to pull him away or urge him further in. A long, low sound. Being the gentlemen, he asked me if I was going to the ‘Competitor’s Dinner’ later? Either he did not know Jezzy and I or he was being coy, either way I told him that I was. That night for dinner I paid special attention to my hair and make-up. I went sparingly on the eye make-up trying to give the impression of no make-up. My long brown hair I put in a French-twist leaving little ringlets on both sides of my face. I wore an emerald green floor length dress that had a slit that exposed my mid.

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