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I whisper into your ear to enjoy your evening and pull up my pants, returning to the party and leaving you tied there.I inform the men in the room tha... you are tied to the rail and available for their use. One after another, some of the party goers head out to the balcony and take turns fucking you as I watch from a chair in the living room. You can’t see who is fucking you. The lights from the room make it so when you turn to look all you can see is a dark silhouette. Black, white,. .. After careful consideration and the fact that my cock is about to burst through my loose shorts I run through the door and ask if everyone is alright? The woman on the ball looks at me with cold eyes and starts to yell at me for barging into her house. I try to reason with her and tell her I was just trying to help! During my conversation I feel the other woman begin to rub my cock through my shorts and say "I would love to have you join us!". The older woman looks down at my cock and gets a. Several of us had acknowledged that on video including Jasmine and I as the hosts of the ‘party’.Jerry backed up all the camera on a hard drive and his laptop, and then had the crew prepare for the next day. He thanked all of us and praised our efforts in the film. We agreed on the next day’s filming, Jerry took all his prep photos for the day, and then he and the crew left.After the last of the crew left and the front door closed, Jasmine stood in the middle of the living room and screamed,. ''Be patient my hungry lioness it won't be long now''.I left my wife and moved in for the kill.It was like a wonderful dance she darted here and there with her pursuer not far behind her. Then I cornered her between the bar and a group of people who were playing with each other.She looked at me and said '' Ok I give up you have me''.''Not yet but I soon will have''She giggled saying ''Sir, me thinks you have the wrong lady''. ''Time will tell my dear''. ''Do you think I am that type of.

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