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When she had everything ready and had stripped down to her black bra and panties, she came back out and found him standing in the hall, naked. "I I might be of more use to you like this." In a few steps he was right in front of her, pressing himself against her body, slowly pushing her against the wall. "Now, what was it that you wanted?" he murmured as he bent down to her neck, lightly kissing her as he moved his hands up and down her body. She moaned softly as his fingertips grazed. "Yeah she was in a bit of a mood this morning but being lazy pays dividends," he responded,"Yeah, we Hawking women can get a bit bitchy around our time of the month. But run that one by me again. How does being lazy help get any job done?" she asked."That's easy," he answered. "The first thing I do is sit down and think about the job. Mostly about what would be the easiest way to get the job done. Amazingly enough it turns out the easiest way is usually the quickest way so they're done and here. Thesmall moment of worry passed and he guided Rachael toward the bed."I want to be in you lover," he cooed.He kissed Rachael deeply with his bee-stung lips and delicate pinktongue, then laid her down on the bed. Clambering atop her, he gentlythrusted into her waiting, lubricated pussy.Meanwhile, in the first aid room, David waited patiently for his fatherand Rachael to finish. He had no idea that his father was at that verymoment penetrating the beautiful lifeguard, or, worse still, that Jimwas. I could feel her leg moving up and down my jeans by now. It was time to leave this place and see how does the night pan out.She asked if I would want to join her for the last drink at her place. In a heartbeat, I agreed. She spoke to the driver in the local language, which I couldn’t understand. We reached her apartment. She used to live with three flatmates. Luck favored me, the house was empty for a couple of days. It was a party house. We entered her room and she bolted the door from inside..

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