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The first is that I did a lousy job of editing the first chapter. I hope I improved on that with this chapter. The second is that my first chapter was...pretty short. This is one is about the same length as the first one, but I see it as Chapter 1b. The next chapter should be much longer. Again, don’t expect hot and heavy action for awhile. This is a love story, not a porn movie. Also, pleas not that the main character has shifted to the bus driver from Lenny, to the bus driver from the first. Her pussy was gushing, flooding me with her sweet juices. I was reluctant to pull away when she grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her, our lips again locked tight.“MMMM you have to fuck me! I want ride that big hard cock.” We switched places with me now sitting on the couch, slowly stroking my erect cock as I watched her stand. She threw the tattered remains on her top on the floor and teased me by sucking her own tits. She began to slide the g-string off but I stopped her.“Wait. Leave it. Both boys were at first speechless. The first to move was Tony he was by my side cupping a breast in his hand and feeling the tightness of its hardening nipple. He asks if he could suck it and for the first time I spoke up and said that they could do anything they liked to me. Tony did not wait for a second invitation and was on his knees sucking on a breast and letting his hands wander over my body. I moaned as he explored. Jason Stood staring at me and I looked him in the eye. So, when I call you my sissy bitch, I mean you are a woman and you are my cum slut. What is it going to be slut, do I make arrangements for your payment to the other businesses or do I force Jane to make the payments?" I replied, "No Peter, I do not want you to force yourself on Jane and make her take my place. I will do as you demand." Peter responded with a slap across my face and said, "What did you call me slut?" I immediately recognized my mistake and said, "I am sorry Master. I know my.

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