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Jeff wasn’t believing his luck. Here he was in Sally’s house getting a blow job from her that he had been wanting for years now. She’s good he t...ought thinking he wasn’t going to be able to last very much longer. If you don’t stop your going to have me coming very soon, he told her. She looked up at him and said, Good, because after you finish coming all over my face I’m going to suck you off two more times. Even more if you think you can take it, she added. She hoped all her viewers heard her. Mom was speaking something to him and he went out. I as usual started watching Netflix.At night, I went to my room to sleep. Around 2 am, I heard a door bang sound. I became eager thinking that it would be that fat guy again. I went to my mom’s room and was shocked. It was the electrician guy and my mom was sucking his dick. I got so horny watching this.After 10 minutes, my mom took off her nighty. She was already ready without wearing her inners. The electrician fucked my mom in her vagina. I. She wore a pair of tight jeans that accentuated her narrow waist, and perfectly flared hips. Her green sweater was light, and hugged her curves gracefully, showing off her amazing chest (Pete had no way of judging them, but they were in fact a very generous C cup) while not making her look trashy. In a word, Ashley was stunning. Right up until the smile slid from her face, to be replaced by a look of outrage.“Peter?! What happened?” she demanded, as a tiny hand came up to cup his chin, pushing. .. he licked my pussy, and then his cock got hard and then he just jumped me. Before I knew it, he was inside me and fucking like there was no tomorrow." And that makes it okay for you to fornicate with a dog!" He yelled down at her."I don't think of it that way," she replied in a straight manner. "It... It's just another cock. And a rather good one at that." Oh really?" Will questioned that assessment. "And just how good can his cock be?" Well, for one thing," Grace began to tell him. "His.

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