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But I was fine with that, to my surprise when I was moving to the room she asked to have in open. Then I was in the trauma, if I was not able to do we...l with her then I will not be able to get any one of the ladies.So I removed my underwear and was naked before all the females. Now Tina started removing her bra and panty and become fully naked. Then she came closer to me and grab my dick with her hand and started playing with it. My dick was not erected but the time she started playing with my. So i called for the part and sat with marion to talk about her unit and when i could come back to fix it. well she wanted to see. so we went to the kitchen. i got down on my kness to point out the problem. but when i looked up to see if she could see what i was pointing to. i could see her freshly shaved pierced pussy. needless to say i was kinda speechless and loved the view. so in my delight of seeing her i didnt notice she was talking for a bit till she said Todd whats got your attention. i. "It is one man's story and his determination to survive the cruelest of hardships. This poor fellow lived in a distant land, in a rural area that had fallen on terrible times. He had lost his family, his job and his home. With so many people suffering a similar affliction, he was unable to find help from his neighbors. He found himself living outside, with no shelter, and no food. He realized that he would die if he stayed where he was."My mouth went dry as I looked at the front row and saw. I can’t believe he thought it was funny! He wouldn’t shut up Wendy, the more he talked the more scared I got.’ ‘Delly you need to calm down sweetie, just because he talked to you it doesn’t mean he wants to hurt you. Not every guy is like Scott sis.’ Wendy said, ‘From what you just told me he didn’t act threatening in any way honey. It sounded more like he was trying to be friendly with you and may have been a bit embarrassed himself about the whole situation. What you went through was.

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