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Dave found it difficult to ignore the erotic feelings of Lisa's handsrubbing up and down his body. The soft material sent shivers through himas she st...oked him and he let the matter of wearing women's nightiesdrop for the time being. They had sex again before falling asleep.The next morning after their feedings, they weighed each other. Dave was198 lbs. and Lisa was 349 lbs."I think we should try to get you past 200 lbs. and me past 350 If we can, we can celebrate this weekend."Lisa. We'll have to try this again. Let's see what we can do with this pathetic little whimp. I'll call you Little Johnny from now on since I've never seen such a pathetic performance.To prove my manhood I started stroking again. But she only slapped my hand and commanded, "Wait!" She tied my hand back to the side of the bed and I looked at her as she carefully selected on of the many creams out of the cupboard and put on some thick rubber gloves."What are you gonna do to me?" I asked with a curious. Soft. ‘Boy, bet that would hurt though. It would probably bruise a cervix or two,’ I reasoned. In an instant, I was shaken from my reverie. I saw her from somewhat of a distance, her light blonde hair gleaming like a phoenix in the brilliant sun(actually, I could have spit on her, and her black roots extended at least three inches from her part). At the time, I was wondering if I knew her somehow, she seemed somewhat familiar(although I was really hoping that she wasn’t). I started to speak to. I spread my legs to let her on. Her huge breast came down slowly onto mine as she kissed me. I reached up to massage those beautiful tits. Cindy you are so sexy Lisa cooed I have wanted this for a long time I was still so excited I could not believe that I could or would be turned on so much by the touch of another woman and feeling her body and breasts upon mine. Lisa paused from kissing me for a moment and looked at me Lisa please make me cum again I moaned. Have you ever been with another.

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